Sunday, February 15, 2009


Forgive me, for I am shirking on my duties.

Today I finished all my homework early and decided to get out of my flat and do something.  I chose to walk to the Science Museum, which is right down Cromwell, and is also the Science Museum.  Do I really have to elaborate?  Anyway, I thought "right down Cromwell" was going to make it easy to find; I really should have paid attention to that mapquest a teensy bit more.  Anyway, long story short, I passed it up and came across Harrods instead.  So I figured hey, I haven't been to Harrods yet and I've been here over a month.  Let's do it.

So I went in.  In case you didn't know, Harrods is one of those places where you shop for your Chanel rompers and open-toed booties and gold plated doggie dishes and for god's sake don't touch anything because it all costs more than you do!  It was 5 drool-worthy levels of decadence, and needless to say I was too nervous to really enjoy it.  Perhaps I'll go back another time when I've brushed my hair and traded my brown loafers for four-inch instruments of torture.  But that is a bit of a walk for brushed hair.

For all of you left wondering about the Science Museum, I was hell bent on finding it, and find it I did.  I felt quite a bit more at home in the Science Museum...I remember thinking that exact thing.  My sister asked me if it was at all like the Science Center in St. Louis, and my initial response was "no, not really," though I couldn't pinpoint why.  Now that I've had time to think about it, the Science Museum is different by its inherent nature of being a Museum about Science.  It is centered around numerous artifacts related to science, but not necessarily with giving in depth explanations about scientific processes and procedures.  It had Watson and Crick's DNA model, for example, but not a large elaboration on how DNA works.

In other recent news, I had a dream last night I was John Lennon's love.  
I think that's about everything...

Italy in 2 weeks!  

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