Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Books I've been reading

The rather lamely titled Gemma Doyle Trilogy, by Libba Bray, which consists of

  1. A Great and Terrible Beauty
  2. Rebel Angels
  3. The Sweet Far Thing

Despite their athor's inability to come up with suitably engaging titles, these books, with their combination of period class, strong herione(s), and adequate fantasy, have managed to assauge the monotony of my work. If you've finished the so over it Twilight series without becoming catatonic, I recommend picking at least the first book up and seeing how you do. If you find you can't live without vampires and wanton anti-feminism, so sorry to have wasted your time. If you're looking for self-help or life-altering prose, well, I'll direct you towards Ayn Rand and then you'll be sorry you asked.

Music I listen to: A non-comprehensive look at what's on my Shuffle when I'm exercising

  1. What We Came Here For, Damone (great for that last mile, which is why I listed it first?)
  2. Green Light, John Legent feat. Andre 3000 (great for dancing...while running. Uhm, yes.)
  3. I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man), Kenny Loggins
  4. The Bitch Is Back, Elton John
  5. Flathead, The Fratellis
  6. Anyway You Want It, Journey
  7. Amigo Vulnerable, Enrique Iglesias (great for practicing your espaƱol!)
  8. She Loves You, the Beatles
  9. Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John (he's just so darn upbeat!)
  10. In The Clouds, Under The Influence of Giants
  11. Smokin', Boston
  12. Don't Fight It, Kenny Loggins feat. Steve Perry
  13. We Didn't Start The Fire, Billy Joel (great for practicing your memorization skills!)
  14. I Don't Feel Like Dancin', Scissor Sisters (yes I do)
  15. Legs Remix, ZZ Top
  16. Call Me, Blondie

In my personal opinon, there should be more 16-item lists.

Songs I've been listening to on repeat

  1. Wire to Wire, Razorlight (you're just going to have to youtube it, they've disabled embedding for this particular gem)

Websites I waste my time on (ooh, bullets!)

Obviously, I'm in need of some new time-sucks. Well, for the next few days.

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