Thursday, January 22, 2009


Done with school so soon? I love classes here…it’s Thursday, 10:50ish, and I’m finished with university for the week.

I really shouldn’t wait so long to update things, but I’m sure you understand. I’m a busy girl!

Monday: My history of photography class took a trip to the Robert Capa show at the Barbicon Art Centre (called On The Subject of War, very powerful stuff), and my Art Appreciation class got in a huge fight over what the purpose of art is, whether the fact that Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel devalues his work, and whether Hitler was a good guy.

An-My Lê, who was exhibiting with Robert Capa.

Tuesday: The pub at our Union had an inauguration watch party for us. It was…and odd experience to have in London, and probably in any other country other than our own. The room was filled with more Brits than Americans, and their reactions to Obama’s speech made us all very hypersensitive to what he was actually saying. The room was rather still, but everyone cheered when he was finished. It was a good feeling, regardless of where we were, and a buoyant one. Then we had to go to a lecture about paleo-meso-neolithic Britain. Snore.

On the bright side, my roommate from freshmen year stopped by with her boyfriend Darrion (who is in the same program as me) and we all went out together! I haven’t seen Crystal for what seems like ages (she studied in Spain last semester) and it was a great time all-around. I haven’t laughed that much in a while, and I did some silly things indeed, but all-in-all we agreed we would have to spend a lot more time together while we were here.

Wednesday: It was a day of many emotions. We woke up bright and early (after a rather long night) to go to Stonehenge. Unfortunately, one of my lovely friends had a seizure on the coach. This was her second one in a week, and we’re all very worried for her. She had to miss the trip, which is a pity, because it was a gorgeous day for Stonehenge and Bath.

I was not, as some people were, disappointed by Stonehenge. I was a little pissed about the rope holding corralling it in, but not because I wanted to climb all over the ruins or anything; I live by Elephant Rocks state park – been there, done that. Mostly I was angry because it really took away from the feel of antiquity the site *should have had. It was like a sideshow attraction, not something awesome you could have just stumbled upon whilst exploring the countryside. A lot of the glamour was tarnished by the fence, but also by the highway running along side it. That helped too.

After Stonehenge we rode on to Bath, which is possibly one of my favorite cities to date. All of the buildings matched (aside from the ones replaced after being bombed, but they tried, they really did) and the restaurant we ate at was quaint, classy, and delish. I highly recommend it.

(This was so cool! The picture was a representation of Oliver King's name...the olive tree and the crown.)

(Don't touch the water!)

(one of my favorites)


tyler hillsman said...

You have a History of Photography class? So jealous... That and that you're in England.

kins said...

Haha, obviously I do! We're going to the National Portrait Gallery for class on Monday. So awesome!