Sunday, January 11, 2009


Home sweet home, part 2

We arrived at Heathrow at about 11:30 yesterday, and I was so glad. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t handle motion very well, and spiraling in for the landing was rough (but I made it out with the contents of my stomach still intact). My first British meal was fish and chips, and it was delicious. I don’t even like fish and it was delicious. I’m in Britain. Fuck yeah.

We also went on a pub crawl last night, and I made it through 3 pubs and the Imperial Union without paying for a single drink (or drinking a single drink, but that’s besides the point). The Union was full of university students, and my friend Sarah and I introduced ourselves to four dashing fellows and were thoroughly entertained throughout the rest of the night. And by “rest of the night” I mean I was in bed by 11 o’clock, but it had been a long day, so don’t hold it against me. They were extremely excited that it was our first day in London and that they were our first British friends. They also love Obama, the Queen, and tea. Go figure.

Today we woke up at a bright and early 7:45 to have a 3 hour tour about London. It was a lot of fun, but mostly I was tired. We saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London and Tower bridges, Trafalgar Square (where there was a protest about Gaza…they’re rather popular), and all of the best and most touristy spots in the city. When it was finally finished the bus driver dropped us at Picadilly Circus and let us find our way back to our flats. Some friends and I ate lunch at a nice Chinese restaurant and then rode the tube back to our borough. I’ve got a phone and an oyster card and a pillow and I’m feeling much better about things.

This evening my friend Kendall and I went to a pub to watch a football game with some guys from our flat – I had a pint and some chips and now I’m sleepy. And happy.

If you're expecting pictures from our tour today you won’t get them…maybe later, but they’ll have to be filched from someone else.

Here's the view from flat 5, if that makes up for it. Hopefully it will, because it's fucking awesome.


tyler hillsman said...

Have you told no one about your blog? I Facebook stalked you and found it.

I decided I would live vicariously through you and Ally. But your articles have a little different flavor than hers. :) Have fun and take pictures, darn it.

PS - My birthday's on Sunday. Believe it or not, you're missing out.

kins said...

Aww, I'm sad to miss it! I hope you guys have fun, I'm sure you will.

And no, I haven't told anyone about my blog, lol. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'll start telling people once I put something interesting up. =P

And I bet mine have a different flavour, lol. Just a little bit. =D