Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Four beautiful days in a row?! It's almost too much to ask for, but this morning I woke up, yet again, with the warm sun tickling my eyelids. These are the kinds of days that just beg for the park, for a walk, and for shopping!

It was a relief to spend a beautiful weekend in London by myself, especially after all the traveling in Italy. It was a fantastic opportunity, but a week later I was still drained. Most of my loves went off to Ireland or Paris or someplace nice, so I took advantage of my freed-up status to go out dancing with some friends I don't get to see as often (my old roomie from freshman year) and to experience some live music in what turned out to be an old, white, rich man's club. Very funny.

Saturday I took a long walk through Hyde Park, and Sunday my friend C and I woke up early to go to Camden Market and find the Irish Cultural Centre for free breakfast. Come to find out, the breakfast wasn't free, they just didn't mention a price online. How nice of them. And no, we didn't want to pay 7 pounds for it, so we headed back towards the market and grabbed an English breakfast for 3 pound 95. Much better.
After we explored the market for a little while (I got some cute brown shoes on super-sale and a little yellow birdy necklace) C and I rode the bus back to Picadilly Circus and enjoyed the festival taking place in Trafalgar Square. The place was packed with good-natured drunks (for the most part) and the entertainment kept us interested for a couple hours, at least. One of my favorites was an Irish boy band called Closure.

Let me just say that again, for emphasis:
Irish Boy Band.

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