Monday, March 30, 2009



We (my friends J & N & I) got back from Paris Saturday (around 9ish we were back at the flat) just in time to go out with A & her boyf one last time. We went to an indie club in Soho, the (as S put it) "gay and trendy part of London." Whatever you want to call it, it was super fun. Nevertheless, I was worn out from the day of traveling, so I was back in bed by 2:30 or 3 (which is quite a feat, considering I had to wait for my night bus at Piccadilly and ride it back, which can take a good 45 minutes depending on when the last bus came and how many ridiculously drunk people are pushing the "stop bus" button for fun).

Yesterday I spent most of my time moping around, being sleepy and happy I didn't have anything in particular to do (aside from my religion homework, which I finished this morning). I sent off J & N yesterday, and then in the evening my remaining friends and I had a farewell dinner at Nando's (home of legendary, Portuguese, flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken). S & A flew back to America this morning, and I'm afraid everyone that I sent home has flown into delays and cancellations, which could really present some problems with school (since class technically resumed today). Oh bother.

I took about 200 pictures while in Paris, but I haven't really had the chance (read: taken the time) to go through them and find the ones I like. We also STILL don't have internet at our flat, though yesterday we pirated some from an odd French channel (?) for a little while. The forces that be have said that we should be back up and running by April 3rd, which will come to a grand total of over a month without properly accessible 'net, and it's driving some people crazy. Look at me...I'm in McDonalds at 8 in the morning just so I can check my e-mail before I go to class.

Pictures and stories to come!

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