Sunday, April 19, 2009


101 days in London, 1 week left.

Yep, this time next week I'll have been on a plane for a few hours already, making my thousands-mile journey back to the ones I love. So what have I been doing with my last full Sunday in London? Homework, of course. Sigh.

But oh, after tomorrow at precisely 11:30 am, I am free from class and free to spend 5 1/2 days documenting everything about London I'm going to miss for you (and, you know, experiencing it too, but I just realised how few pictures of London I've actually taken).

In honor of pictures to come, I suppose I'll grace you with part two of my Germany photo series: Tour of Darmstadt.

Darmstadt is the city I spend most of my time in whilst in Germany, because it's where my friend Marie lives. Darmstadt is about 20 minutes outside of Frankfurt, and full of its own historical vibrancy. Of course, we visited Frankfurt too, but it wasn't a whole lot more than some banks and skyscrapers and tourists, so we didn't visit it for THAT long.

What an adorable city!

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