Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, I fly out for Frankfurt tomorrow.
Have I begun packing yet? Well, no. Not yet.

I also have to register on Monday (I'll still be in Germany) for my Fall 2009 classes, though I'm not sure what classes I'm going to take yet and we've got a new system this semester besides. So I'm trying to get that figured out first.

Today we went to the Globe Theatre, ole Will's place. It was pretty fun; we had a very entertaining guide to tell us all about it. An American had the bright idea of rebuilding Shakespeare's theatre as it was back in his time, and it opened in 1997 with Henry V. 12 years later work is still being done on the building to make it as accurate as possible, as is the establishment's mission.

I also took a trip to a Hindu temple, which was absolutely astounding. It was made of white marble, almost every inch of which was intricately hand carved by thousands of craftsmen.

Pictures and elaboration to come...I really need to get back to my work.

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