Friday, April 17, 2009


The discarded carcasses of daily newspapers are reduced to pulpy mash beneath the feet of a restless herd, pawing and pushing their way down rain soaked stairs and into the underground station; disinterested eyes look at everything while seeing nothing.

My days with London are winding down; in a short week I'll be back in the warm arms of home. Today was my last class for Art Appreciation, and my school schedule has been reduced to a due paper and a test on Monday. Then, I'm free. I also stopped by the IE office to retrieve my activity deposit (or what was left of it) and my prints as well (I won a photo contest, only an honorable mention and a 2nd, but good enough, so they made prints of my photos for me).

Oh, but Wednesday! Wednesday we toured the Tower of London, very nice, and then I split an order of fish and chips with my friend Sarah. After that I headed to South Kensington to view the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit, and naturally I fell in love (no pun intended). Then I went to Regents Park to eat that elusive meal hidden between lunch and dinner, and to read the end of my second free sci-fi book, The Godwhale (which I picked up rather spontaneously at the Imperial College Union some time ago).

Yesterday, my friend Crystal and I had some Chinese in Chi-town and then paid 10 pounds to watch Madame de Sade, featuring Judi Dench and Rosemund Pike (of Pride and Prejudice fame). Of course, we were at the very top of the theatre and had to stand for the entire hour and 45 minutes, but in my mind, it was completely worth it. The set, costumes, and ambiance were magical, and from that height you're really forced to admire the pitch and sway of their voices. Sigh. ^^

My I'm chatty today.


Mom said...

How awesome Keeks!

kins said...

I know, right!? It really was amazing. I feel so lucky. =)

Anonymous said...

I saw the play 3 times and had seats in the first, second and fifth rows in the stalls - all wonderful. To watch magic that closely is fantastic. It is a wonderful play done by great actors. Rosamund Pike was glorious as Madame de Sade. Frances Barber was at her whipping best and Judi Dench was absolutely wonderful. It was pure joy to see this play but I had to come home on Tuesday and hated doing so. I love London.